The hydraulic components intervene in various processes, from conducting drinking water to the production of domestic hot water to indoor temperature control. They also vary based on the type of fluid: water, steam and diathermic oil.

Thanks to an innovative proposal, AFA intervenes in the various applications through a broad portfolio of solutions and technical, safe and reliable parts that fulfil customer requirements.

High precision mechanical processes

Able to process a great range of materials, AFA is dedicated to the production of very high-quality components and complex parts. It manufactures components such as brackets, supports for manifolds and bases made according to the customer drawing.

The stainless steel rings for the press-fitting couplings are produced with our company-owned dies. The use of stainless steel in thermohydraulics is determined by the excellent chemical and mechanical properties of the material that guarantee resistance to corrosion, thanks to the addition of a percentage of nickel of no less than 8.5%.

Precision components for thermohydraulics

AFA offers a broad range of hydraulic components according to precision mechanical processing. This refers specifically to brackets, manifold supports, bases and bushings, which are manufactured on request from customer drawings. The stainless steel rings for press-fitting couplings, on the other hand, are manufactured exclusively with company-owned dies.

AFA’s offer is comprehensive and able to fulfil the needs of the various thermohydraulics companies, including those that operate in the naval industry.

A thermohydraulic system to professional standard

The hydraulic components are crucial to obtaining a thermohydraulic system built to a professional standard. Which does not only strictly concern hydraulic and sanitary systems but also an entire and complex system that is able to provide the best temperature of the environment, which can be either residential or commercial.

The hydraulic components intervene in various processes, from conducting drinking water to the production of domestic hot water to indoor temperature control for maximum comfort in every season, i.e. through cooling systems in the summer and heating in the winter.

There are various types of thermohydraulics systems, which vary based on the type of fluid: hot water, steam or oil. Plus, it can be autonomous or centralised.

As you can see, precision components are used for many variables. Thanks to its innovative and quality offer, AFA is able to intervene in all of these situations in the most fulfilling way for customer needs.

Steel: the ideal material for thermohydraulic components

For the production of items linked to precision mechanical processing in the thermohydraulics sector, AFA uses stainless steel, considered ideal for its chemical and mechanical properties, perfect for guaranteeing maximum resistance to corrosion of the hydraulic components that are constantly stressed.

To optimise the result, during the processing stage, AFA uses a material with a percentage of nickel of no less than 8.5%. In the naval industry, on the other hand, stainless steel 316L is used. This is a true guarantee of safety for situations where the thermohydraulic system is in direct contact with the water, having a particularly corrosive and saline action.

AFA bushings: precision hydraulic components

The production of bushings represents one of AFA’s distinguishing activities. This is a product that is used very commonly in thermohydraulics, including heating/cooling systems.

AFA only uses steel coming from conflict-free sources, i.e. areas where there are currently no conflicts, guaranteeing maximum quality according to an ethical approach towards environmental protection.

Bushings that, like all AFA hydraulic components, can effectively resist corrosion and, at the same time, promptly respond to the various issues that can occur in hydraulic systems. Quality solutions for companies seeking a reliable partnership in the most innovative projects.