Calibrated washers, also known as packing washers, are used as shims to reduce the transmission of vibrations and compensate the axial backlash.


AFA manufactures precision and calibrated flat washers.

Available in stainless steel, brass, iron and C67, they can go through various surface galvanising treatments (deburring, polishing, evaporating oiling) that provide different physical-chemical properties.

In addition to standard components, AFA produces custom packing washers based on customer specifications.

Fields of use

Calibrated washers are used in the electric motors of




Calibrated washers are truly essential components for easily and quickly setting and adjusting both the height and the distance between two parts. They are useful as references for boats, vehicles, machines and different types of structures, but also specifically for the operation of industrial equipment. Packing calibrated washers make it possible to transmit axial forces: they can have various diameters and measurements; furthermore, they can be produced using different types of materials and always maintaining high quality.

Wear, stress and surfaces

There is no risk of wear or deterioration: they can withstand different stresses and be used in any operating environment without any danger of slackening. Calibrated packing washers also offer great conductivity, both electric and thermal. The surface is uniform, smooth, and free of any burrs. They also guarantee, in terms of practicality, immediate and easy removal, reducing technical times, especially in terms of the operator’s work.

Calibrated washers can be used whenever industrial assemblies require minor calibrated packing. Afa De Giorgi manufactures precision flat calibrated washers and calibrated washers: they can be used successfully to limit the transmission of vibrations, but also as separating elements. The company is able to produce stainless steel, brass, iron and C67 components(later and finishing galvanising treatments can also be carried out).

How calibrated washers are made

Let us see how calibrated washers are made. Specifically, these are supporting and adaptation discs that can be used when it is necessary to intervene on specific points to compensate for axial backlash (caused by manufacturing tolerances). An example? A spindle with a safety ring. Combining the various thicknesses of the various washers could help intervene compensating this backlash.

The elements that need to be assessed for a conscientious purchase

Certain elements always need to be considered so that the purchase of a given model of packing calibrated washers is exactly the right one. The first thing is to aim for high quality; in fact, this is the only way to be sure of the long-lasting duration of the relative supports. In fact, work completed with the aid of poor quality materials offers a short service life and it is, therefore, advisable to implement this solution from the start. Naturally, one must consider the choice of materials used to manufacture the product being purchased. The same goes for the price of the components: seeking the advice of a technical team specialised in the sector, such as the team at Afa De Giorgi, means aiming for the best quality and convenience. Not least because the online portal makes it possible to focus on support types, models and prices in a very transparent way.