Bushings are used for press-fitting technology with pipes and fittings in the installation of plumbing and gas systems.

Bushings are used for press-fitting technology with pipes and fittings in the installation of plumbing and gas systems.


AFA operates in the manufacture of a vast range of bushings of varying thicknesses, diameters, coupling types and lengths.

They are manufactured with cold drawing and solubilisation treatment at 1050° with a controlled hydrogen atmosphere. This process restores the material to its initial physical state by providing physical-chemical properties such as resistance against corrosion and adaptation to all types of crimping or pinching. Upon request, markings and inspection holes are available in the line, implemented through our transfer presses.

Fields of use

Mechanical bushings are used in the thermohydraulics sector for

the installation of press-fitting connections

the assembly of hoses

In thermohydraulics, bushings are a crucial component in the installation of press-fitting systems and the assembly of hoses.

AFA produces a range of bushings, also known as pipe bushings, that fulfil the various needs of companies operating in the thermohydraulic sector, from those used to build systems, to companies who produce home appliances such as air conditioners and coolers.

For these businesses, having an excellently functional mechanical bushing has proven to be simply indispensable. AFA manufactures stainless steel bushings according to the traits that have been characteristic throughout its history since 1973: precision, quality, experience and competence.

Steel is the prime material, thanks to its chemical characteristics, as well as mechanical, which offer the highest resistance. Accordingly, even small components such as bushings are able to guarantee maximum benefits, with the overall result being near-imperceptible, yet no less noteworthy.

Mechanical bushing: all of AFA’s quality

AFA bushings for pipes are available in various sizes manufactured from owned dies, starting from a minimum diameter of 14 up to a maximum of 75. They come in various thicknesses, types of couplings and lengths.

Maximum customisation is guaranteed by the in-line markings and inspection holes, available on request by the customer and perfectly adaptable depending on the single project. They are manufactured directly in-house at the transfer presses, which are also owned.

The result is quality bushings for pipes, exclusively manufactured through cold drawing. Accordingly, the material does not feature any welding area and appears invulnerable to situations of breakage. Plus, the natural tendency to corrosion is avoided, resulting in products that are not only efficient and reliable but also long-lasting.

Special care is dedicated to the stage after moulding, during which the pipe bushings are deburred and polished. Each mechanical bushing goes through a special solubilisation treatment at 1050° in a controlled hydrogen atmosphere. This process makes it possible to enlarge grub screws and, therefore, the material at its initial physical state, preventing possible breakage from happening during pressing with the fitting and the pipe.

This achieves additional resistance to corrosion and maximum versatility of pipe bushings which are then perfectly adaptable to all types of crimping.

The added value of AFA pipe bushings

AFA bushings are characterised by high quality, versatility, and reliability. This is thanks to the considerable resistance that they feature against corrosion, guaranteed by the solubilisation treatment at 1050° in a controlled hydrogen atmosphere.

Plus, they are manufactured with forms of direct and indirect protection, in addition to offering efficiency and functionality of the entire process, in the name of respecting the environment, ranging from production in view of quality and affordability, up to the choice of sources where there are no conflicts. Products that are efficient all-round, manufactured with skill and respect for the environment.