Brush holders are used to contain and direct the movement of the motor brushes and guarantee their correct operation.

Made with brass, they are compliant for the transmission of electric current and available with a hard plastic central body to guarantee insulation of the support.


AFA manufactures standard brass brush holders with a thickness of 0.5 mm and 0.8 mm. Upon request, it is possible to provide custom brush holders with a part made with unfinished or self-extinguishing plastic.

To guarantee the maximum glide of the brush during its consumption, the seat needs to be produced with the blanking burrs facing outwards.

Fields of use

The brush holders are used in small 220 V motors such as for

hair dryers

immersion blenders and blenders

coffee machines

The perfect operation of the electric motor is the result of the synchronised movement of a series of components. In this sense the role of the brushes can be defined as crucial, given that their constant movement on the windings is what generates the movement of the device. That is why the brush holders are so important: they have the task of containing and directing the movement of the brushes and are mainly responsible for their correct operation.

Tiny components but hugely important

The housings that contain the brushes can be manufactured on request and customised based on specific need, starting a production process that is distinguished by the care of great craftmanship. The brush holder for electric motors is a tiny component, yet it is fundamental to ensuring the correct operation of accessories and objects that are powered with electric current. In addition to guiding the movement, the task of the brush holder in an electric motor is to also place the brush in contact with the rotating part of the motor.

What tools use brush holders

Mostly small 220 V motors – such as those in blenders, mixers, hair dryers, and coffee machines – where it is possible to use brush holders. These are usually made with brass or ryton. Obviously, it is necessary to guarantee maximum glide of the brush during use. Besides, as for the seat, it needs to be manufactured with the blanking burrs facing outwards. Furthermore, for maximum customisation, it is also possible to request the production of brush holders assembled with self-extinguishing or unfinished plastic parts.

Electric motor and brush holder: design and manufacture

To talk about brush holders for electric motors means components that are generally tailor-manufactured with the aid of special processes such as turning, milling and wire electro erosion. Companies specialising in manufacturing mechanical hardware, such as Afa De Giorgi, produce different models of brush holders in terms of both shapes and thicknesses. Accordingly it is always possible to be certain you are using the most suitable supports for the electric motors, especially when referring to small appliances. Once the customer has requested a specific type of brush holder, the company takes over the design and manufacture of the product.

The importance of choosing the best company

In addition to brass and nylon there are special cases that use metal or flame-proof insulating materials. By availing of equipment and company staff to complete the entire process, the work shall always be monitored: accordingly competence and quality are guaranteed.