Bearing retainers can be used to retain both the sintered ball (bushing) as well as the bearings, making them glide more easily.

Bearing retainers can be used to retain both the sintered ball (bushing) as well as the bearings, making them glide more easily.


AFA manufactures standard and, on request, custom ball locking springs.

Available in various thicknesses, diameters, and shapes, they are produced in C67 and stainless steel. C67 components always undergo austempering: a process that increases the physical properties. AFA guarantees consistency, regularity, and repeatability of dimensions and loads, which is essential in assembly processes.

Fields of use

Bearing retainers are used in the electric motors of

washing machines



It is important to pay extra attention to everything regarding bearing maintenance, as this directly affects performance. Both correct maintenance and the relevant handling can help extend the operational life of the supports. Downtime is minimised, and productivity is increased, resulting in huge savings. The importance of bearing retainers, therefore, becomes clear; they are components that can be used successfully for both bushing and bearing retaining.

Standard or custom supports can be manufactured

Afa De Giorgi is specifically able to provide them in C67 as well as stainless steel, ranging in various diameters, shapes, and thicknesses. Both standard and custom ball locking springs can be manufactured. Bearing retainers are normally used in the motors and drains of dryers and washing machines. It is important to guarantee the customer the maximum consistency and repeatability of the loads, especially when it is necessary to rely on a certain regularity of assemblies. All of this is made easier by the use of an in-house C67 austempering furnace.

Assembly, cleaning and correct lubrication of the component

Before proceeding with bearing assembly, it will be necessary to inspect both the housing and the shaft in search of any damage and, more in general, to analyse the physical conditions of the support. The surfaces will need to be cleaned with the aid of a soft cloth to be sure of any scratches or burrs that need to be removed. It is also crucial to lubricate the bearings with products, such as oil or grease: much depends on the environmental conditions, speed, and load in addition to temperature. Poor assembly can jeopardise the service life of the support, as would incorrect or poor lubrication or a strong overload, causing stress that is able to generate breakage.

The importance of preventing premature bearing failure

The greatest problem to face – and to prevent – is early bearing failure, a true inconvenience that factories aim to prevent during machine and equipment operation. On top of causing great losses relative to running costs, these failures can also lead to an increase in machine downtimes (and resulting slowdown of production). That is why each part must be connected with the other, and for this reason, the bearing retainer supports are integral parts of this larger design. Bearings are not all the same: it is important to choose the best shaft locking mechanism and the best seal to raise the performance level and increase the bearing’s service life.