AFA has in-house fast and precise moulding machines produced by leading international manufacturers. Optimised solutions thanks to the high-level know-how that can guarantee the maximum precision and quality in custom items as well as those designed from the drawing provided directly by the customer.

These are machines that range from 25 to 160 tonnes, 3 transfer and Bihler presses which use various types of dies, from progressive to drawing, and use various types of sheets, from stainless steel, including very thin (0.1), a strong material famous for its quality, to phosphor bronze. A guarantee for companies that need reliable and precise components for electric motors, but also for thermohydraulic and pneumatic hardware. AFA has proven to be an ideal partner for these businesses.

Cold moulding: materials and high level know-how

At AFA, the moulding parameters that best achieve the final result are defined from the onset of the design stage. There are several types of dies used for moulding, i.e. progressive moulds, possibly with integrated threading, and drawing dies.

The most commonly used dies are made with steel, mainly stainless, C16, carbon, phosphor bronze, brass, high-strength sheets and laminates. The thicknesses are achieved thanks to the versatility of the machines; they are extremely variable, and range from 0.1 mm to 3 mm.

The cold moulding of components, strictly processed in the name of precision, is carried out directly in-house with threading, barrelling and oiling. Plus, any type of galvanic treatment is also available, such as zinc plating and tinning, including selective procedures that are carried out thanks to the collaboration with sub-contracted companies with proven efficiency, reliability and quality.

The partnership with AFA offers the best quality solutions in the sector and specifically fulfils international standards ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified by Rina, an IQNET partner, pertaining to the production and design of precision components.

All-round monitored production

The machinery and treatment plants feature all of the necessary tools not only to guarantee top-quality products but also all-around monitoring, also in view of the lowest possible environmental impact. Three-dimensional control and conformity are ensured according to the specifications of the design.

Each product that is obtained makes it possible to acquire additional technical know-how that remains available for the next one. The dies used for production are effectively maintained: each acquired skill becomes a resource. A factor that gains positive repercussions in every stage of the process, in addition to moulding production, also during the development and design stages.

An M.O. that AFA has implemented since the onset in 1973. The risk of obtaining non-compliant material is significantly lower and forecast each time: this is why businesses that collaborate with AFA are sure to have a finished product in the name of quality, reliability and safety. According to guaranteed and high level technological level.