One of the most important stages when working with metals is the heat treatment, which is used to modify the characteristics of the single material from a mechanical and technological point of view. This operation involves performing certain heat cycles to achieve specific properties.

AFA is highly specialised in performing heat treatments, as proven by having achieved international standards certified by Rina, and IQNET partner, specifically ISO 14100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015. These standards apply not only to the design and production stage but also to the heat stage, which is guaranteed all-around for companies.

There are two heat treatments provided by AFA: the solubilisation treatment and austempering. Prior to delivery and use, the single components are tested. This truly ensures safety.

AFA solubilisation heat treatments

The solubilisation treatment is conducted by AFA according to total reliability, closely performing the control procedures of constant monitoring through the use of a stainless steel solubilisation furnace.

It is carried out in controlled hydrogen atmosphere (produced through electrolysis). The procedure involves a steel funnel heated to a temperature of 1050°, thereby guaranteeing the part with chemical and structural balance.

The management of the department dedicated to heat solubilisation treatments is fully automated. Constant monitoring guarantees production that complies with international standards and with customer specifications. Accordingly, this achieves a lower possibility of polluting the batches, in AFA’s view of respecting and protecting the environment.

Austempering heat treatments

Austempering heat treatments are one of the standard procedures in terms of manufacturing precision technical components. AFA has an in-house C67 product tempering furnace.

Austempering is carried out in a controlled nitrogen atmosphere. The ferrous parts, once they have gone through the furnace, are placed in a bath of molten salt to increase ductility and strength. Plus, AFA is highly qualified in treating parts that are especially delicate and easily deformable. The heat procedures are conducted in the name of maximum reliability, as shown by the final test carried out before delivery.

AFA: heat treatments in the name of environmental protection

AFA is a company that was founded with great attention not only to guaranteeing the best quality of the components of electric motors, thermohydraulics and pneumatics used in many businesses, both Italian and international, but they do so by following an ecological approach aimed at preventing and lowering pollution as much as possible.

Heat treatments are carried out at AFA not only in observance of environmental laws, but also through a policy that involves only seeking conflict-free sources. The checks carried out internally, therefore, do not only concern the efficiency of what has been achieved but also the Environmental Management System. Guaranteed according to responsible, sustainable, and conscious forms of protection.