The electric motor industry is in continuous development: efficiency and precision during the production cycle are increasingly more crucial. AFA’s broad portfolio of solutions and special technical proposals provides key performance, greater safety, and reliability in a wide range of applications, guiding innovation.

AFA produces precision components for electric motors in various materials such as C67, stainless steel and non-ferrous materials. It also designs and develops the part according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Cutting edge, experience and know how

The machinery inventory is cutting edge; the qualified operators have great experience and AFA’s know-how acquired over the years allows the company to produce high-precision parts for the many customers who operate in the production of electric motors. Able to process a great range of materials, AFA is dedicated to the production of very high-quality components and complex parts. To always offer the maximum, the company makes continuous investments to guarantee the most recent equipment, tools and advanced technologies.

AFA has specialised in the manufacture of electric motor parts since 1973, the year the company was founded, using C67, stainless steel and non-ferrous materials, especially brass and phosphor bronze.

The entire production is manufactured at the site in Villanuova (BS) according to a policy of respect and care for the environment, not only active during the various phases of processing but also in the search for sources from conflict-free places on the planet.

AFA offers a vast range of mechanical hardware that presents articles of both direct ownership as well as custom, i.e. manufactured based on the customer’s design and on their requirements.

Comprehensive solutions that fulfil various motor-related issues but also for the development of innovative projects. Thanks to its high level know-how, AFA allows the most innovative companies to achieve effective answers.

Certified quality

The components for electric motors manufactured by AFA fulfil quality standards that represent a guarantee for companies. In detail, these refer to the following standards:

  • ISO 14001:2015, concerning the design and production of precision technical parts for electric motors and other applications according to the moulding, cutting, heat and finishing treatments.
  • ISO 9001:2015, concerning the design and production of metal precision technical parts for electric motors and other applications as well as for heat treatments.

AFA produces precision mechanical hardware for companies that manufacture home appliances and those operating in a constantly advancing sector like the automotive industry. Innovative, reliable solutions that not only offer high quality, as proven by the certifications but also an up-to-date vision in terms of environmental impact.

Electric motor components: AFA’s proposal

AFA manufactures numerous mechanical hardware components, i.e.:

  • Bushing retainers. Available in various diameters and shapes, their function is to retain the sintered ball or create alignment in the motor.
  • Compensation springs. A product manufactured with a diameter between 7 and 120. Like all AFA precision mechanical components, they also come customised, created from the customer’s drawing.
  • Bearing retainer. A versatile and functional article, able to retain the bearing in its seat. Manufactured with stainless steel and C57 C67, depending on the various models.
  • Calibrated-washers. Washers designed to be used as spacers to reduce the transmission of vibrations. The employed materials are iron, brass and C67.
  • Magnet block springs. Used to block magnets inside the motor tube, they are available in C67 and stainless steel according to customer specifications.
  • Contacts and Faston terminals. Manufactured in brass and phosphor bronze and, on request, also additional galvanic treatments. One of the most advanced mechanical hardware items of AFA’s production.
  • Motor covers and supports. The ideal production material is iron. Costs are lower thanks to the threading created directly during moulding in the production phase.
  • Brush holders. A precision component intended for small 220V motors with a crucial function: to guide and maintain the carbon brush in constant contact with the rotating part.
  • Tolerance Rings. AISI 301 (1.4310) rings that offer high resistance and undulatory features.

AFA’s precision mechanical hardware is able to fulfil the various needs of companies, with great attention to the customer and their requirements. They accordingly help guarantee electric motors manufactured through the optimisation of the resources and maximum efficiency.