AFA is a company that places its experience at the service of businesses in the field of thermohydraulics as well as those requiring precision components for electric motors, with the design of dies obtained from customer drawings.

Three dimensional design, thanks to the possibility of creating 3D projects with advanced technology, specially developed. At Villanuova, AFA’s site, there are advanced machines such as machining and electro-erosion centres.

A process that has been possible thanks to very high level know-how. Plus, there is equipment that is able to guarantee maintenance, as well as the creation of individual dies.

The design stage, therefore, not only concerns the creative part, in the sense of developing the project but also solving any potential issues that could arise and that need to be tackled through the design. From this point of view, working on 3D projects is highly functional for businesses.

Plus, designing dies, as with all of the other stages, is conceived in consideration of the lowest possible environmental impact on the final result. A policy the AFA has always specifically held in high regard.

The benefits of three dimensional design

3D designs are the result of digitisation in the various stages of production. This is a processing method that leads to the development of items from a digital model. The design is carried out by AFA in reference to international standards ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015, which are certified by Rina, standard an IQNET partner.

AFA offers a considerable advantage in-house: having all of the production stages under control, including the creation of the 3D design. This means that the company employs teamwork every day in its departments, which are certainly separate but in close contact with each other, to guarantee companies with the maximum efficiency and innovation.

An element that is reflected greatly in three dimensional design, and this translates into the development of different types of dies: progressive dies (also with integrated thread cutting) and deep-drawing dies, which are particularly versatile and suitable to achieving a broad range of products.

All of the stages follow the design steps, from the construction to the assembly to the final testing of the equipment. A design that intervenes directly and indirectly with profound consideration to each step.

What companies find 3D designs the most interesting

Today, the most innovative and advanced companies are seeking solutions that can respond to their needs in a targeted way. At a high level, each design requires precision components that can guarantee that exact effect.

In fact, one builds large-scale based on the small-scale, the reason why the tiniest components are fundamental to the overall process. Tailored die design, therefore, is crucial to the most advanced businesses in the various sector, from those that produce appliances and cars to those that operate in thermohydraulics and pneumatics. An interesting solution that makes it possible to achieve optimal production from the onset.